For Over 30 years, Jon Hollinger of

Aspen Outfitting Company, has been in the business of selling fine guns to a discerning clientele.

This expertise, coupled with a strong working relationship with Armas Ugartechea has resulted in bringing a dynamic, fast handling, affordable game gun to the American market.

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  shotgun sales

The banner of this fine old Basque gun making firm reads: Armas Ugrartechea, Sporting Guns of Tradition and Prestige. This pretty well sums up the firm, one of Spain's most respected gun manufacturing companies.

Although a relatively young company, by European standards, Ugartechea supplies guns to a large number of the driven bird shooters in Europe. Noted American shotgun experts such as Charles Askins, Jack O'Conner, Michael MacIntosh and Terry Wieland hold the guns of Armas Ugartechea in very high esteem.

     Aspen Outfitting Company has been importing from Ugartechea for over 20 years. Since 1997 Aspen Outfitting Company has worked very closely with the Ugartechea factory to develop the AOC/SG model, our proprietary box lock game gun. This page contains information on the features of this fine gun, as well as on the high quality side lock game guns that These guns offer the best value in the SxS gun market in the world today. As Michael MacIntosh states in Shooting Sportsman, Gun Review..."all in all these guns strike me as yet another example of one of the most important things to happen in the gun world over the past decade - Which is that the American shooters have finally discovered the high quality and relatively low prices available from the Spanish trade."
      All Aspen Outfitting Company imported Ugartechea guns are sold with a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, and the AOC/SG has a lifetime warranty. A pair expert American double gun technicians, who have learned about these guns by working with the gun makers at the factory in Eibar, Spain, perform any required warranty work. They know these guns well and have a complete inventory of factory-made parts to work with. We also offer the services of a highly respected and experienced gun fitter who can provide you with a set of personal gun measurements that are built into your custom gun made at the Ugartechea factory. You will very impressed with the improvement in your shooting when you use a gun that is built to your personal specifications.
shotgun sales
shotgun sales
Aspen Outfitting Company’s Exclusive Model

A Complete Inventory of 12, 16, 20, & 28 ga. & .410cal. guns in stock

Prices starting at $3,250.00

The design of the AOC/SG is the result of a cooperative effort between Armas Ugartechea and Aspen Outfitting Company (AOC) begun in 1999. These dynamic, fast handling boxlocks embody all of the features found on a traditional bird gun.

Created to satisfy the style of handling and shooting that American game birds demand, these aesthetically distinctive firearms represent the best value in a S/S bird gun in the world today.

The features represented on the model AOC/SG have been tested and refined over thousands of hours of use by the students of AOC’s shooting school as well as by the clients of our wild bird hunts, in both North and South America. Our confidence in these guns is supported by a warranty for the lifetime of the original owner against defects in material and workmanship. We employ a warranty gunsmith who has worked with the production department of Armas Ugartechea and has a full inventory of factory-made parts in stock.

Terry Wieland in his second edition of Spanish Best, The Fine Shotguns of Spain, says "The AOC/SG is a nicely balanced boxlock that has the feel of a much more expensive gun, and (Jon) Hollinger has worked closely with Ugartechea.... putting an importer who knows wingshooting together with a gun maker who really knows guns can produce a fine product at a reasonable price. I don't know of any American importer who has worked more closely with a Basque company to perfect a modestly priced gun for the American market."

The March/April 2003 edition of Sporting Classics states "Hollinger has developed an excellent series of light game guns in close association with Basque gun maker Armas Ugartechea.... the AOC/SG is a light game gun with many options found only in more expensive sidelocks, .including chopper lump barrels, inlaid foreand escutcheon, Southgate-style auto ejectors, articulating front trigger, upgraded walnut with 24 PPI checkering."

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Pictured above is the Aspen Outfitting Company Small Game Gun (AOC/SG)
Top is a AOC/SG 12 Ga. Bottom is a AOC/SG 28 Ga.
12, 16 & 20 Gauge $3,500.00    28 Gauge $3,850.00    .410 Gauge $4,150.00

AOC/SG General Specifications
- 28 inch Chopper Lump Barrels
- Scalloped Back Action Shaping
  - IC/Mod Choking - Double Triggers with Articulating Front Trigger
  - Concave Rib - Splinter Forend with Plunger Release
  - 2 3/4 inch Chamber - Inlaid Forend Escutcheon
  - Southgate-Style Auto Ejectors - Initial Shield
  - Automatic Safety - Hand Checkered Butt
  - Brass Bead Sight - Upgraded European Walnut Stock & Forend
  - Free Floating Firing Pins - Upgraded Wood Finish
  - Anson Deeley Boxlock Action - Long Tang Trigger Guard with Comfort Roll
  - Case Hardened Action Finish - Border Scroll Engraved Receiver& Guard
  - Extra Polishing & Fitting of Action Parts - Straight Grip Stock
Approximate Gun Weights
  .410 5 lb. 9 oz.
  28 Gauge 5 lb. 14oz.
  20 Gauge 6 lb. 1 oz.
  16 Gauge 6 lb. 5 oz.
  12 Gauge 6 lb 12 oz
Approximate Gun Measurements
  Length of Pull:              Heel: 143/4 to 15" Mid: 14 3/8 to 143/4"  Toe:145/8 to 151/8"
  DAC: 1 3/16" to 1 1/2"
DAH: 2 3/16" to 2 1/2"
CAST: 1/8" to 3/8" OFF
CANT: Out At Toe 1/16" to 1/4"

Ugartechea Sidelock Game Guns


The sidelock game guns imported by Aspen Outfitting Company are the highest quality guns made by Ugartechea.

The action blocks are forged from high tensile Spanish steel and are machined to exacting specifications, incorporating lateral supports for additional frame strength.

The locks are built on the Holland & Holland bar action design which includes double intercepting sears for positive safety.

The same basic components are used on all of the sidelock models imported by Aspen Outfitting Company. The quality represented on the various models relates directly to the amount of man hours invested in the specific model and increased numerically.

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Sidelock General Specifications
  - 24", 26", 28" Chopper Lump Barrels -Model Specific Engraving patterns
  -Various Choke Combinations -Double Triggers with Articulating Front Trigger
  -Brass Bead Sight -Long Tang Trigger Guard with Comfort Roll
  -Flat, Concave or Churchill Ribs -Splinter, Semi or Full Beaver Tail Forend
  -Southgate-Style Automatic Ejectors -Inlaid Forend Escutcheon
  -Automatic Safety -English, Semi-pistol or Pistol Grip Stock
  -Gas Escape Valves -Inlaid Initial Shield
  -Free Floating Firing Pins -Hand Checkered Butt
  -H & H Style Sidelocks w/Double Intercepting Sears -Model Specific European Walnut Stock & Forend
  -Case Colored or Coin Finished Action -Oiled Finish on Stock and Forend
Weights and measurements may vary depending on custom specifications


Model - 116
Holland & Holland
Traditional Engraving Pattern
shotgun sales
Available Gauges: 12,16, & 20
Price: $7,250.00
Price: $7,775.00
Price: $8,000.00
  shotgun sales
Model - 119
Engraving Pattern
Available Gauges: 12,16, & 20
Price: $7,550.00
Price: $8,150.00
Price: $8,450.00
Model - 1000
Engraving Pattern
shotgun sales
Available Gauges: 12,16, & 20
Price: $9,350.00
Price: $9,800.00
  shotgun sales
Model - 1030
Engraving Pattern
Available Gauges: 12,16, & 20
Price: $9,675.00
Model - 1042
Engraving Pattern
shotgun sales
Available Gauges: 12,16, & 20
Price: $11,500.00