About Aspen Outfitting Company

Aspen Outfitting Company has been providing the finest Outdoor Adventures since 1969. Whether you’re looking to enjoy time with your family and friends, a solo trip to escape for the day, or to plan your next corporate or group event, let Aspen Outfitting Company be your guide to the great outdoors.

Since 1969 Aspen's Premier Outfitting Company

Since the first chairlift opened in 1946, the name ‘Aspen’ has conjured images of majestic mountains and exciting outdoor activities. The perpetuation of this reputation has made Aspen into one of the top destination resorts in the United States. Aspen Outfitting Company has been Aspen’s source for world-class outdoor activities since 1969. For 50 years, the owners and staff have worked hard to maintain this reputation by offering a contemporary selection of the highest quality privately guided activities for every season. In addition to being what we do as a company, sharing our passion for Aspen’s beautiful wilderness setting continues to define who we are as individuals.

Take a Moment to Learn About Our Story

Jon Hollinger – Founder, Owner From 1969 - 2012


Jon Hollinger made a career of facilitating the very best in outdoor activities. He used his wealth of knowledge, sense of adventure and engaging personality to bring a unique feeling of authenticity to guided outdoor activities. He was a well known part of the Aspen community, acknowledged as an outdoor authority in North American and International sporting circles.

Having hunted and fished all of his young life, Jon founded Aspen Outfitting Company after moving to Aspen at the age of twenty-six. Initially operating from a ranch on Red Mountain owned by Elizabeth Paepcke, Jon offered a selection of horseback rides, high-alpine fly fishing trips, as well as big game and bird hunting. In addition to his passion for producing and guiding outdoor activities, he eventually became interested in the shotgun business. By the mid-1970's, he began importing side-by-side shotguns from Northern Italy.

From the late 1980's through the 1990's, Jon worked extensively as the American liaison for Holland & Holland, and E.J. Churchill of London, England. He began giving shooting clinics and conducting custom gun fittings for clients from the U.S. and the U.K. In the late 1990’s, Jon began importing shotguns made by the Ugartechea family of Eibar, Spain. In 2000, Ugartechea launched an exclusive model designed by Jon. Aspen Outfitting Company was the sole importer and distributor of the Ugartechea model AOC/SG until the Ugartechea family ceased all production and closed their factories in 2015.

Jon held certifications from the United States Sporting Clays Association, and the National Sporting Clays Association as a shotgun shooting instructor, and conducted tens of thousands of hours of shooting instruction. His wilderness outfitting, custom gunfitting, shotgun importation and shooting instruction endeavors were profiled in various books, including "Spanish Best: The Fine Shotguns of Spain," by Terry Wieland, and several books by Michael McIntosh. Both Jon and Aspen Outfitting Company were also featured in publications such as: Shooting Sportsman, Sporting Classics, Gray's Sporting Journal and Esquire.

Over more than 40 years in the industry, Jon guided thousands of clients on horseback riding and fly fishing trips, big game and bird hunts all across North America. He loved nothing more than sharing the outdoors with his clients, many of whom would become some of his closest friends. Jon was known for his adventurous spirit, his depth of knowledge on a variety of topics, his story telling, and his sense of humor. He was a gentleman, a sportsman, a fiercely loyal friend, a daunting opponent, and an advocate of following one’s heart.

Jonathan Francis Hollinger passed away peacefully under the full moon at the age of 75, on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - the first morning of spring. He was at home with his children and beloved hunting dogs when he succumbed to complications from the progression of AL (Primary) Amyloidosis. He is loved, remembered, and lives on through the work that Aspen Outfitting Company does today.

Jarrod Hollinger – Second Generation Owner From 2012 - Present

Jarrod Hollinger purchased Aspen Outfitting Company from his father in 2012. Jarrod was born and raised in Aspen, spending much of his time on the area rivers and surrounding mountains. From his first job as a bicycle delivery boy for a local take-out restaurant at age 12, Jarrod has been involved in the local service industry, always focused on customer service. Jarrod graduated from Aspen High School and subsequently from Bishop’s University in Quebec Canada with a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Jarrod is dedicated to continuing his father's legacy of producing world class outdoor activities and taking care of customers at every level. Jarrod loves working in both retail shops and continues to personally guide hunting, fly fishing and clay shooting trips. Jarrod is passionate about building relationships throughout the outdoor community and is a proud steward of the Aspen Outfitting Company tradition.