Aspen Outfitting Company’s Upper Roaring Fork River Report 7/7/23

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Summer fishing is here! After a significant drop in flows last week the water is still coming down, but at a slower pace. Water clarity is has gotten significantly better, so downsize tippet and fish more natural imitations than you were during high water. Water temperatures at maroon creek have been fluctuating from the mid 40’s early in the morning up to the mid 50’s in the afternoon (water temps are slightly higher at emma). This temperature range means that caddis hatches are starting to happen mid morning and again later in the evening. PMD’s have started hatching in good numbers lower down on the Roaring Fork, and we expect them to make their way up the valley soon with more warm weather in the forecast. Though they aren’t hatching much up valley yet, there are lots of green drake nymphs crawling around too. Lastly, we’ve been seeing the occasional Golden Stonefly flying around! This wide variety of insect life has made the fishing great, and also gives us the opportunity to catch fish on nymphs and dry flies! If you’re not fishing, you should be!

Gear Swap Item Catalogue

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If haven’t heard already– we’re excited to announce our first annual Spring Fly Fishing Gear Swap and Blowout Bonanza! Thank you to everyone for all of the wonderful contributions. We hope that this gear swap will allow local anglers to make money by clearing out their gear closets while giving newer anglers the opportunity to get high quality, used gear at a reduced price. There will be tons of great gear, free drinks and food live music, giveaways and some killer pre-summer sales!

Aspen Outfitting Company’s Upper Roaring Fork River Report 3/17/23

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If you didn’t get a chance to do some fishing this past week, get out there this weekend! We have another front moving in at the beginning of next week, but the weekend is shaping up to be warm, sunny and glorious. Water temperatures should be on the rise, and the fish will be active. On sunny days with low water make sure you’re being stealthy, downsizing tippet and wearing sunscreen! 

Aspen Outfitting Company’s 1st Annual Spring Fly Fishing Swap & Blowout Bonanza

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Are you ready to get rid of that extra fishing gear cluttering up the closet? Are you looking to get into fly fishing at a low cost? If you answered YES then mark your calendars for Saturday, May 20th to participate in our First Annual Gear Swap! There will be all kinds of great used gear, as well as FREE food, FREE beer and wonderful, fishy people! What could be better?

Aspen Outfitting Company’s Upper Roaring Fork River Report 1/20/23

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Going into the last 10 days of January, the fishing has been great! With cold temperatures and low flows in the Upper Fork, the fish are stacked up in slower, deeper water. Focus on deep holes and eddies near natural structure for the best results. During this time of the year, when you find one fish, you often find many — so make sure to cover water until you find success.


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Aspen Outfitting Co. is hiring for the 2022 season! We are seeking hospitality driven candidates who love the outdoors; both seasoned guides and associates, but also candidates with a willingness to learn and grow. Positions include: Retail Manager, Retail Associates, and Fly Fishing Guides.

Featured Angler: Jordie Karlinski

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One of our favorite parts of Fly Fishing is the wonderful community that has grown up around the sport, and the angling community in Aspen’s Roaring Fork Valley is no exception! We are planning a series of articles highlighting our local mix of anglers — each representing a different cross-section of our amazing valley. With the X Games wrapping up, and the 2022 Winter Olympics on the horizon, we caught up with former competitor and hometown hero Jordie Karlinski! Jordie is a retired pro snowboarder, successful entrepreneur, Snowmass local and avid angler!