Aspen Outfitting Company’s Upper Roaring Fork River Report 5/5/23

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With rain earlier this week, flows have risen quite a bit! Runoff is definitely happening and conditions can change quickly. On rainy days or following warm weather, expect increased flows and cloudy water. That means it’s time for the big nasty bugs! Stoneflies, worms, big jig style nymphs, flashy bugs and streamers are the name of the game. Caddis have started popping on the fork, if you haven’t tried fishing caddis nymphs yet, give it a try! If water clarity is decent where you’re fishing, downsize your flies and opt for more natural colors. 

Aspen Outfitting Company’s Upper Roaring Fork River Report 4/14/23

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Big changes are happening on the river! Flows have doubled in the past week and water clarity has dropped substantially. A few days of really warm weather caused snow to melt and water levels to rise. We’ll have to see what the mix of cooler temperatures and precipitation this weekend and next week will do to water levels and clarity, but it looks like the beginning stages of runoff have started! Despite the rapid change, the fishing has been lights out!

Aspen Outfitting Company’s Upper Roaring Fork River Report 3/24/23

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We had some fun in the snow this week! The front that moved in on Monday and Tuesday changed river conditions, but the fishing was great. Colder weather caused the water to clear up and river levels to drop slightly. The fishing early and late in the day slowed down during the transition between high and low pressure systems, but the mid day bite picked up noticeably as the storm settled in. Fish are feeding aggressively right now, but colder days and clearer water mean a return to the winter staples.

Why Winter Fly Fishing Is Great in Aspen!

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Winter is one of our favorite times of year to fly fish here on the Roaring Fork River!  Many people think of fly fishing as a warm weather affair, but the winter means less fishermen and more fish for those willing to get out there. Ski season isn’t quite in full swing — in fact it’s off to a pretty slow start this year — so the next few weeks are the perfect time to get out and discover the wonders of winter fly fishing. Snow-covered banks, icicles dripping with sunlight, and the dazzling flashes of a wild trout tugging on your line in clear cold water. It’s a magical experience, and once you try it, you may find yourself reaching for a fly rod instead of your skis!

Grateful This Holiday Season

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WE HAVE SOME ANNOUNCEMENTS! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Aspen Outfitting Company!!! You may have noticed some changes to our website and social media accounts over the past 6 months; we have been working to update and energize the way that we engage with all of you. This vibrant outdoor community, and the wild spaces that we … Read More

November Nymphs and Streamers: What Should You Throw?

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Fall has arrived in Aspen, and the fishing continues to be fantastic! November offers low, stable river flows, fewer anglers, and a continued abundance of insect life. These conditions make for happy trout, and happy trout make for happy anglers. During the fall, trout primarily feed on subsurface nymphs like stoneflies, baetis and midges. However, trout also take advantage of … Read More