Atlanta DU – Special Edition AOC/SG pair

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The Atlanta DU .410cal & 28ga. pair
Today, we blog…
Yes, I am still alive. Alive and well! Although its been a while, and after a gap in posting as long this (several months) I probably don’t have any faitful readers left, I will post again nonetheless. How about a little ketchup?
Today’s entries are mainly about the trips Aspen Outfitting Company produced in November in Alberta, and Eastern Ontario. However, before heading north, we went south. Early in November, we sent my father, Jon, to the annual fundraising auction for the Atlanta chapter of Ducks Unlimited. We were asked by a long-time client to procure a special pair of our renowned AOC/SG side by side shotguns, and we were honored to. For the second year in a row, Aspen Outfitting Company helped to make the Atlanta fundraiser the biggest in the country.

“…that is a lovely shotgun miss”

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