Ladies Fly Fishing Class with Flinn Pomeroy

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About Me
My experience on the river and in fly shops as a woman has taught me quite a bit.  I recall some of my first visits to fly shops being filled with excitement as well as anxiety and reserve. I didn’t want to ask a question that labeled me as uneducated or amateur.  I wanted to be able to rig my own rod, select my own flies and approach the river with confidence.
A Maryland native, I grew up fishing with my father in the rivers, lakes and bays near and far from my east coast home. I eventually hung my shingle in Massachusetts, Nashville and then New York before settling down in Aspen, Colorado. I have a background in caring for children with special needs, and a life-long passion for adventuring the outdoors. As a Fly Fishing Guide in the Roaring Fork Valley, every day is a new opportunity to share my passion for fly fishing. I look forward to spending my days on the river with guests who travel to fish our local Gold Medal Waters from all over the world.
About the class
After much thought and reflection I decided to create a safe space for women to spend time with their peers and tackle the adventure of fly fishing head on, together.  I want to provide an allotted time each week for friends to gather and learn the tools of the fly fishing trade.  My biggest hope is that each individual gains the confidence to ask questions and feel comfortable making decisions on their own as well as approach the river knowing they can successfully catch and release fish.  I am delighted to announce that Aspen Outfitting Company is hosting the first ever weekly women’s fly fishing clinic.  We will meet at our Woody Creek Fly Shop location every Wednesday at 5:30pm and spend a few hours learning the basics and honing our existing skills.  I invite women of all ages to join me in a summer we’re sure not to forget. See you there!

2 Comments on “Ladies Fly Fishing Class with Flinn Pomeroy”

  1. You should make this post like into a definitive guide or something. I bet a lot of your new readers that come to this site would want to be able to find this post. It’s too good to keep secret!

  2. I love this post but just a tip… you should really write longer articles. I was sad this post ended, and I think your writing style would keep people really interested in what you had to say about all of this.

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