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“Owning and running our own small business in the mountains of Colorado has been a dream that we’ve aspired to for many years.  Now our dream is reality and we couldn’t be more thankful to all those that support our small brand.” – Emily Dudley (Mtn Ohana Owner)

Aspen Outfitting is a local, family-run small business that has been in operation since 1969. For Small Business Saturday, we are proud to highlight the relationships that we have developed with other small businesses. We feel that it is more important than ever to support local artists and makers. We hope that you will consider shopping small this holiday season and  choose to support these amazing businesses in lieu of buying from large corporations. Hard-working people and families are behind these products and creations, and they truly care about providing quality and satisfaction to every patron. Thank you for your support and consideration. Please enjoy a few of the highlighted profiles we host at our shop below:


Owners: Emily and Luke Dudley


Instagram: @mtnohana

Ohana is a mountain lifestyle brand based out of Steamboat with shops in Steamboat and Breckenridge. We design and screen print apparel and home goods inspired by the mountains, beach and adventure. In addition to our own line of goods, we partner with a select few shops throughout Colorado, like Aspen Outfitting, and create products specific to their area and business.  We’ve had a great time working with Jarrod, Eric and team over the years to come up with unique designs focused on the Roaring Fork Valley!


Owner: Chris Siess


Instagram: @prettyflydesigns_

Pretty Fly Designs is a small business specializing in feather fashion, specifically earrings, hat adornments and boutonnières. Owner and tier Capt. Chris Siess is a fly fishing guide with twelve years experience, having cut his teeth guiding with Aspen Outfitting Company a decade ago. Today, he guides in Virginia and North Carolina but spends his free time and growing his small business. Utilizing his fly tying background, Chris uses many of the same feathers found in trout flies to create unique and eye catching creations. Each pair of earrings is custom tied by Chris with advanced techniques. They are made to last years and compliment any social outfit!


Owners: Betina & Bill Infante


Instagram: @hangaimttextiles

Hangai Mountain Textiles is a family-owned and run business with a showroom in Basalt, Colorado and a presence in Mongolia, where we source our fiber and lived for many years.  We design and produce blankets, throws and accessories knit from hand-combed cashmere, yak down and baby camel made exclusively in Mongolia to ensure that local producers benefit most from partnering with us.  We have placed our collections with prominent designers, specialty retailers and boutique hotels and resorts in the U.S. who value products that are luxurious and sustainably produced, and in the case of yak down: 100% undyed, unbleached and naturally hypoallergenic.  Visit and follow on Instagram @hangaimttextiles.


Owner: Brandon Hill


Instagram: @elementflies 

Element Flies was started in 2015 by Brandon Hill with the sole idea of changing the way fly shops buy and sell flies. Element Flies helps manage, order and restock the flies needed for every season.


Owner: Judy Milne

Judy is a member of Carbondale Arts, The Art Base, Redstone Art Foundation; and has been present in their Fairs, Festivals and Shows. Judy has been the featured artist at the coveted Aspen Chapel, The Red Brick in Aspen as well as several local businesses and restaurants in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs.

“As an artist, I am constantly learning new ways to express myself. There is no end to new ideas coming from life, classes, and workshops. My work is constantly evolving. Currently, I am inspired by the method of wet on wet watercolor. I am thrilled to have my work included in Aspen Outfitting.”-Judy Milne


Owner: Brent Nilson


JB Knives is owned and operated by Brent Nilson. He loves the art of making knives and is passionate about high quality workmanship. He crafts his art from his home workshop, and sells online and at Art Festivals throughout the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Utah, and in California. His artistic, collectible knives are fully functional and can be used in your every day activities. Each of my knives is hand crafted with high quality materials, and has commitment to fine craftsmanship.

A Mammoth tooth handle knife by JB Knives


Over thirty years ago the industry standard for manufacturing quality fly reels was defined by die-cast technology (pouring liquid metal into molds). Die-cast reels were functional for their time, but were also fragile, heavy and susceptible to wear and corrosion. With the exception of a few high-priced saltwater and salmon reels, cast aluminum fly reels were the only option for the average angler, until 1973.

Ross was founded by aerospace engineer and avid fly fisherman Ross Hauck in Etna, CA in 1973.  Ross Hauck’s goal was to create a fully machined, saltwater sound fly reel at an affordable price.  In one year, he produced his first series The R- Reel, and it was an instant success. The R- Reel started a revolution in fly reel design, manufacturing, and technology. Machined reels became the norm and the R- Reel was the benchmark.  Ross set the standard for future reel designers and a legendary Company was born.  Building on the R-Series success, Ross Reels continued to introduce innovative and high-quality products in the years to follow.

After a decade in California Ross moved to Montrose, CO. During this time period Ross developed legendary products like the Gunnison, Cimarron and San Miguel reels.  The Company and the sport continued to grow but Ross stayed true to its reel designs and mantra of having fully machined USA made reels at affordable prices with unmatched warranty and service.

After 37 years Ross Hauk sold the Company to 3M in October 2010.  Ross became a subsidiary of Minnesota based 3M for 3 years before being sold to Orvis in June 2013. 3M sold out of its fly fishing business to focus on its core businesses.  This was a mandatory dual brand acquisition for Orvis to acquire Scientific Anglers from 3M.  Although Orvis had a clear long-term strategy for SA, it struggled to find the correct fit for Ross within the Orvis family of products. Orvis also did not want to kill such a legendary brand even though it could be a competitor. Less than one year after Orvis purchased Ross, The Mayfly Group acquired Ross with the intent of bringing Ross back to Montrose and returning it to its former reel focused roots.

The Mayfly Group already owned high-end Abel and Charlton reels when they acquired Ross in 2014.  Abel and Ross were moved to Montrose in 2016 and their new cutting-edge manufacturing facility was finished in 2019. By consolidating engineers, departments and equipment the Mayfly Group had become the industry leader in innovation, quality and design.

 The Mayfly Group have also committed over 7 million dollars to support conservation initiatives.  Ross reels contributes 10% of each sale on US Made products to the Sports Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program (USFWS).

Ross, Abel and Airflo also employ over 50 people in Colorado. These people are the backbone of the Company and take pride in making quality American made products with a lifetime warranty.  The Ross tradition has never been in better hands.

Ross Reel Classic San Miguel in black


While it might sound like a cliché from the tech boom, Scott literally started in a garage in San Francisco, California in 1974.

The founder, Harry Wilson, named the startup after his son. In 1993 Harry sold Scott to Bill Ford and moved the company to Telluride in 1993 before relocating the operation to Montrose, current location, in 1996.

Throughout Scott’s storied history, the spirit of innovation has been at the core of every Scott Fly Rod. Scott has a long list of firsts in fly rod applications, technology, and manufacturing including but not limited to:

  • The first 9’ 4wt Graphite Rod
  • The first Switch Rod
  • The first Bluewater Rod

 Jim Bartschi, current president and rod designer for Scott, has been with the company since the San Francisco days. Jim is at the forefront of rod design and is arguably one of the most important innovators in the fly fishing industry today. Jim and the dedicated employees of Scott are the backbone of the “Scott Difference” legacy and are dedicated to building the finest quality fly rods money can buy.

Scott Centric Fly Rod

“When you support a small business, you support a dream.”-Anonymous

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