Where has the summer gone? Pics and memories from a season expired

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I can’t believe that my last post was almost three weeks ago. The fishing has been spectacular, with numerous big fish and lots of very memorable guests, and I have been so totally focused on the river that the summer has literally flown by. The first hunting starts in just three days (dove season on sept. 1), and I have to admit that I am having a hard time accepting the change. There has been a dramatic increase in shotgun sales, the purchase of ski passes and elk tags is on the to-do list, and I have spent recent days off hunting chantrelle mushrooms in the high-country. I guess that I had better just accept the change to Fall, and trade in my micro-baetis for some big, flashy streamers (a little inside terminology for the fly-fishers out there). In an attempt to find some summer closure, here are some of my favorite pics and memories from a season expired… Is this the guy from Dawson’s Creek? No, this is Richard, one of the better young flyfishermen that I got to introduce to the hallowed waters of the Roaring Fork River. He was in Aspen with his friends Robert, Andrew and Owen. The boys had been fly fishing their way across the country, hitting Montana, Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado before turning East and finally heading back to school at Ole Miss. These lovely young ladies are Megan and Alexandria (Ally) Schwartz. The Schwartz family has been fishing with AOC for years, and Ally has been hooking rainbows like this one since she was as small as her cute little sister. Their brother Aaron was also catching trout with us that day. In addition to fly fishing, Aaron considers attending the Winter X-games one of his favorite things to do…These are the Boesky Brothers. I capitalize that phrase because these guys are a zany pair. They caught lots of fish, and also kissed lots of fish, and played pranks on eachother the whole trip. A couple of days after our trip, the Boesky Bros. went on a float trip on the lower Roaring Fork with our most popular float guide, Matthew Thomas. Matt is possibly the best float fisherman in the valley, and is very serious about catching big trout. I have a feeling that the fish kissing wasn’t as popular with Matt. Looking forward to seing these guys again…

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  1. Jarrod that’s a cut pic. It looks like you have been having lots of fun over the summer. I can’t wait to see you!!

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