Fall Fly Fishing on The Roaring Fork River

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Golden Leaves Fly Fishing

‘Change is hard, but for autumn anglers it is also good…” We saw the first snow of the season in our valley yesterday morning. The transition into fall is always bittersweet – but I find it especially hard to swallow when Mother Nature mixes in an unexpected dusting of winter so early. Wasn’t it just summer? The snow continued to … Read More

Our FUN-ky new shop in Woody Creek

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At Aspen Outfitting Company, we have always worked to provide the highest-quality gear and activities to our clients and guests. My father started this business in 1969, and he always insisted on offering only the very best. With the opening of our second location in “Downtown” Woody Creek, we have had the opportunity to broaden our retail mix. From the … Read More

Ladies Fly Fishing Class with Flinn Pomeroy

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About Me My experience on the river and in fly shops as a woman has taught me quite a bit.  I recall some of my first visits to fly shops being filled with excitement as well as anxiety and reserve. I didn’t want to ask a question that labeled me as uneducated or amateur.  I wanted to be able to … Read More

Ugartechea AOC/SG – Custom | Aspen Outfitting Company

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AOC/SG – Custom 20ga. & 12ga. Pair (click to enlarge) One of the first sets of the beautiful AOC/SG -Custom Grade guns that we are putting together for select clients. This pair of 20ga. (left) and 12ga. guns feature coin finished actions with hand-engraving chosen by the client, and stocks custom fitted to his measurements. Other options chosen for these … Read More

Aspen Outfitting Company – Gunnison River Salmonfly Hatch

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A tributary of the mighty Colorado River, the Gunnison River is the fifth largest river in the state of Colorado. The Gunnison materializes at the confluence of the East and Taylor Rivers, just upstream from the town of Gunnison. The fly fishing on that upper stretch of the river can be fantastic, with unique opportunities such as a substantial (and … Read More

Aspen Outfitting Company on Plum TV

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Once again, Aspen Outfitting Company will be on Plum TV this summer! I was fortunate to be invited for several appearances last summer, where I talked about our various outdoor activities, and we got fantastic response from our guests and friends here in Aspen. This year, in order to have a bit more of a predictable presence, we are working … Read More

New Ugartechea AOC/SG coin-finish

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Just a couple of quick images of the guns from the newest shipment from Ugartechea in Eibar, Spain. These guns are the first of the AOC/SG guns to come with a coin-finished action. As you can see from the pics, we are also offering prince of wales (semi-pistol) grips and semi-beavertail forends. More Pics when time warrants.

12ga. Westley Richards Drop-lock

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12ga. Westley Richards Drop-lock Just received a beautiful 12ga. Drop-lock by Westley Richards on consignment. Haven’t established a price yet, but I wanted to post it ASAP. It is an exceptional gun, and we are proud to offer an english shotgun of this quality. Several more detailed pics below, starting with the engraving on the barrels and action, and then … Read More

Having a Blast with Aspen Outfitting Company

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Sara and Carol do the ‘Charlie’s Angles’ pose with Mt. Sopris in the background A few weeks ago I posted about the trip that head-guide Karl Page and I took to Branson, MO. to get certified by the NSCA as Level I instructors. Since returning, both Karl and I have been spending quite a bit of time on the range. … Read More